Delray Wind Mitigation Inspection

Wind mitigation is an inspection focused on how your home will hold up against a windstorm. A little known fact around Delray, Florida, is that the better your house fares, the cheaper your home owner’s insurance will be. This is because on each home insurance bill you pay a windstorm fee. A successful inspection could save you 45% here. Once your Wind Mitigation Inspection is completed by Delray Home Inspection Professionals, you will receive a certificate. When signed by a professional home inspector, Florida law requires insurance companies within the state to lower your windstorm fee. You can obtain your wind mitigation certificate for many different reasons; the most common are roof straps, concrete block construction, gable end brackets, a secondary water barrier, and shutters to keep debris out. Beyond the money saved here, you are ensuring a safe home for yourself and your family. 

  • Wind Mitigation

    Save $$$$

    A wind mitigation inspection pays for itself in short, and saves you extra money in the long run! A Delray Home Inspection Professionals Wind Mitigation Inspection looks for home materials that protect you from windstorms; this carries over to savings on home insurance.


    You could save money on your home owner’s insurance by simply scheduling a Wind Mitigation Inspection for your Delray, Florida home. This will also give you the necessary information on how to protect your home in the storms so common to this part of Florida.

  • Four Point Inspection

    Older home?

    Learn what a home inspection can do: A four point inspection can save you money by proving your home is more reliable than the insurance company initially believed. 


    It is a known fact that better quality material and more efficient techniques develop over time. A four point inspection is where a professional four point inspector checks the most rapidly changing pieces of your home to see if it is in need of an upgrade. These parts are the HVAC, roof, electric and plumbing.

  • Roof Inspection

    No house without a roof!

    Get protected. Roofs are essential to a sturdy home, some mortgage companies will not insure a house until a roof inspector checks out the important piece.


    Nobody wants to have to pay for major roof repairs, much less a whole new roof. With a Delray Home roof inspection the flaws that cause expensive roof damage can be seen and caught before it is too late.

  • Full Home Inspection

    Peace of mind!

    Be safe in a new home. A Delray Home Inspection Professionals Full Home Inspection will have you knowing the ins and outs all over your new home before you even move in!


    Most of the time a Delray Full Home Inspection is only needed when purchasing a house or selling one. Do not be fooled into buying a home with a beautiful outward appearance filled with unseen and unsafe situations. Schedule a Delray Home Inspection Professionals Full Home Inspection and we will tell you what possible fixes the property needs, as well as its advantages.